The explosion-proof foil unlocks the new posture of the safety shower glass door

From July 8th to 11th, the China Construction Expo, which is known as the “Asian Building Materials First Exhibition”, was held in Guangzhou Pazhou Complex. There are some new technology for bathroom shower glass doors, Upbathware’s explosion-proof membranes accumulate strength, carrying negative ion health membrane, antibacterial membrane and cleaning laminating machine three products, taking the industry-leading posture to debut in Guangzhou Jianbo, in the big scene The attitude of the big brand gives people a sense of security at their bathroom.

Through the impact, the glass fragments will splash and hurt people, and the damage is very serious. Glass explosion-proof foil is completely made of imported PET polyester fiber material, with high strength tensile strength, 160% high elongation, strong acid resistance, alkali resistance, and good physical properties at low temperature. While maintaining excellent light transmittance, it is coated with a weather-resistant super-adhesive coating, which greatly improves the explosion-proof performance.     

In addition, the imported wear-resistant process body, hardness up to 4H can greatly increase the glass strength, prevent self-explosion, even burst. Greatly avoid glass fragments from hurting people. Therefore, the explosion-proof foil can make the bathroom manufacturers more responsible and make consumers feel more secure!

Since the usage of foil on bathroom shower glass door, it has been a pioneer in product innovation in the industry. In order to create a source of continuous innovation, the international standard and high-tech innovation for the shower doors manufacturing industry has achieved another breakthrough. We have continuously broken through the product boundaries and has become an important driving force driving the industry market trend.

Upbathware’s negative ion health foil is attached to the glass of the shower enclosures and shower doors. It has a huge advantage in improving the air quality of the bathing space: negative ions can make the dust in the air agglomerate into clusters, capture suspended particles, easily purify the air, create a comfortable environment; negative ions can adsorb Decomposes bacteria in the air, changes its structure and transfers energy, causing bacteria to die, no longer forming strains, inhibiting bacteria and deodorizing double-effects.

Our negative ion foil has a long shelf life and no maintenance costs in the later period. There will be no secondary pollution. The negative ions that our negative ion health foil continuously releases into the environment can effectively neutralize harmful substances released from furniture and decoration materials, inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold in living space, keep the air fresh, improve human immunity and physiological functions, which means In the wilderness of the mountains and rivers, there is an immersive feeling, allowing consumers to easily have a refreshing, healthy, safe and comfortable bathing experience.

At Upbathware, you have lots of options and designs for anti-explosion foil for shower doors. Do you want to know more details, Please feel free to contact us 

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