How to choose the best free standing bathtub?

A free standing soaking tub has the tendency to add elegance to your bathroom. These bathtubs create a remarkable focal point and are an indication of your personality as taste. They are costly but your investment is totally worth it; this is a luxury not all can afford but those who can, should certainly acquire it!

If you have room for a luxurious bathtub, you should totally go for a free standing soaking tub. There are a number of gorgeous tubs in the market, from modern aesthetic tubs to vintage beauties.

Here are two reasons why you should invest in a stylish new free standing soaking tub:

Model and figure

The sculpture and shape of a tub can add to the overall splendor of the room by complimenting the pattern on your bathroom walls or floor.

Spacious and wide

A bathtub amplifies your space. Its presence makes the bathroom look bigger and more spacious than it really is due to all that space under the tub and around it.

How do you choose the best free standing soaking tub?

1.     Decide on a style

What style goes best with your bathroom? Choose the statement you want to make with the bathtub of your choice. Whether you think a contemporary look will better suit your bathroom or a traditional one, you decide. A free standing soakng tub with a metallic finish will be good for a modern and aesthetic bathroom; whereas, a bathtub with a classic slipper bath will give a more traditional look to your bath space.

2.     Consider your location

Positioning of your tub is fundamental in determining how stylish and elegant you want your home to look. Where you place your tub will decide whether your bathroom is stylish and relaxing or ridiculously cramped and suffocating.

If you have a large bathroom, location shouldn’t be an issue; however, if you have little space you will have to be careful with the positioning of your free standing soaking tub.

Place your bathtub someplace with enough space to stack toiletries and possibly a laundry basket as well. This would entail that your bathroom does not look too squashy or overwhelmed due to the free standing soaking tub.

Those who have little space and smaller bathrooms, there may still be a good option for you; all you have to do is look for a slimmer free standing bath that will add splendor to your little space as well.

3.     How heavy does your bathtub need to be?

No doubt, bathtubs are heavy, especially a free standing bath. And they tend to get heavier once they’re filled with water and your body. Therefore, before you set out to purchase a free standing bath for your home, make sure you have done your research. You have to check whether your bathroom is capable of withstanding all that extra pressure and luggage. If not, you might do some serious damage to your house.

Before you invest in a costly free standing bath, just make sure you have done your research and know exactly what you want.

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