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Cast Iron Bathtubs vs. Acrylic Bathtubs

When it comes to selecting bathtubs there are many option sin the market. Different designs, shapes, sizes and extra features. However, these things are secondary and what matters the most is the material the bathtub is made of. There are various bathtub materials existing in a market with each one catering to a different set of needs.

Acrylic Bathtubs

Acrylic Bathtubs are a comparatively new idea in the market and has been really popular in the bathtub market. Acrylic bathtubs eliminate many problems faced by people who use other material bathtubs which makes it the latest popular choice.

  • Acrylic Bathtubs are such a hit because of the shapes and sized the material can offer. The material is light bendy which gives makes it available in different shapes. With acrylic material, you can always choose the bathtub of the desired shape and not the common oval shaped one
  • Acrylic materials are easily scratched which is a drawback but this is exactly where the advantage of this material lies. Acrylic scratch means that it can be repaired with some acrylic filling to make it as good as new and needs no professional treatment
  • Acrylic material bathtubs are preferred due to their light weight. This makes them easy to be installed by using less manpower.

Cast Iron

  • While Acrylic bathtubs are easily repaired, they are also easily chipped off. On the contrary, the good old cast iron bathtubs are of solid nature and can withstand high impacts without any scratch or dent
  • People who are up for a good soak after a hectic day prefer cast iron bathtubs. This is because the thickness of the cast iron tubs lets it retain maximum heat from the water and lets your hot bath remain hot till a longer time. These tubs save up greatly on water heating costs
  • These tubs are also preferred by those who are extra conscious about the aesthetics of the place they want it in; it could be a spa or a bathroom. Cast Iron tubs are the best for decoration purposes as they provide the place a vintage touch and look classier than other materials used for the purpose

The Verdict

Although the cast iron bathtub would look classier and suit your setting better, Acrylic bathtubs are the more convenient choice for the masses. This because the acrylic bathtubs are far lighter and easier to carry around and install. Also, the light weight Acrylic material makes those tubs easy to install on the upper floors, unlike the typical cast iron tubs which need a very strong foundation and are preferred on the ground floor.
Moreover, the cast iron bathtubs would not suit your wallet as they are delicately made and thus are expensive. These bathtubs are made with liquid iron being molded in the shape of a tub and might cost the person a lump sum amount to buy and get it installed. Also, these tubs need more labor and reinforcement to be installed making.
Acrylic bathtubs, on the other hand, are a much simpler deal in every way.

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